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The MOVE network

Bénéficiez d’une proximité encore peu connue: en Suisse, vous disposez de > 1‘290 points de recharge MOVE et avez accès à plus de >6'000 points au total. En Europe, ce sont plus de 80’000 points de recharge qui sont disponibles. 

Profitieren Sie von bisher kaum gekannter Nähe: In der Schweiz finden Sie >1‘290 eigene MOVE Lademöglichkeiten und haben Zugang zu insgesamt >6'000. In ganz Europa kommen rund 80‘000 weitere Lademöglichkeiten dazu.
Benefit from unprecedented proximity: You can make use of > 1‘290 MOVE charging stations in Switzerland and enjoy access to a further > 6'000 all in all. These are complemented by around 80,000 additional charging stations across Europe.
La rete si caratterizza per una capillarità davvero inconsueta: in Svizzera sono disponibili >1‘290 punti di ricarica MOVE e l'accesso a ulteriori >6'000. Ad essi si aggiungono circa 80'000 altri punti di ricarica in Europa.

Icone green

Charging stations that are marked green have at least one free plug.

Icon red

At red charging stations, all of the plugs are occupied.

Icon grey

Charging stations that are marked grey are out of service.

Charging capacity under 11 kW.

Icon Slow

Charging capacity between 12 and 22 kW.

Icon medium

Charging capacity between 23 and 50 kW.

Icon fast

Charging capacity over 50 kW.


Charging stations with the MOVE logo are part of the MOVE charging network.

Icon Partner

Charging stations with the car symbol are available by partner charging networks.

  • MOVE Netzwerk

    Réseau MOVE

    MOVE Network

    Rete MOVE

  • Partner-Ladenetze Schweiz

    Réseaux de charge partenaires Suisse

    Partner charging networks Switzerland

    Reti di ricarica partner Svizzera

  • Partner-Ladenetze Europa

    Réseaux de charge partenaires Europa

    Partner charging networks Europa

    Reti di ricarica partner Europa

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