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MOVE flatrate: Charge at a fixed price

It’s what many electric vehicle drivers have long been waiting for. Now, as a trial offer, MOVE Mobility is the first charging network operator on the market to offer electric mobility for a fixed price. The set monthly price is guaranteed and there are no variable or hidden costs and no nasty surprises when you get your invoice.

For the first time, MOVE flatrate enables drivers to always pay the same amount to charge their electric vehicle – no matter how often or how long or even the location of the charging station. The flat rate can be used on the MOVE charging network in Switzerland and on all partner networks in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

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Als bester Ladenetz-Betreiber hat MOVE Mobility im Ladenetz-Test von Connect in der Kategorie „Bezahlung/Preistransparenz“ mit dem Prädikat „gut“ abgeschnitten.
En tant que meilleur opérateur de réseau de recharge, MOVE Mobility s’est vu attribuer la mention «bon» dans le cadre du test réalisé par Connect dans la catégorie «paiement / transparence des prix».
The best charging network operator MOVE Mobility scored a ‘Good’ in the category of ‘Remuneration/ Price Transparency’ in the charging network test from Connect.
Come miglior gestore di rete di ricarica, MOVE Mobility è stato valutato "buono" nel test realizzato da Connect per la categoria "pagamento / trasparenza dei prezzi".
Profitieren Sie von bisher kaum gekannter Nähe: In der Schweiz und im Ausland finden Sie zahlreiche Lademöglichkeiten von MOVE und weiteren Anbietern.
Finden Sie die Ladepunkte in ihrer Nähe
Découvrez nos nombreuses stations de charge MOVE et celles de nos partenaires
Localisez les stations de recharge disponibles près de chez vous
Scopra i nostri numerosi punti di ricarica MOVE e quelli dei nostri partner; in Svizzera e all‘estero.
Take advantage of unprecedented convenience: In Switzerland and abroad, you can take advantage of numerous charging options from MOVE and other charging networks.
Find charging points in your area
  • MOVE Netzwerk

    Réseau MOVE

    MOVE Network

    Rete MOVE

  • Partner-Ladenetze Schweiz

    Réseaux de charge partenaires Suisse

    Partner charging networks Switzerland

    Reti di ricarica partner Svizzera

  • Partner-Ladenetze Europa

    Réseaux de charge partenaires Europa

    Partner charging networks Europa

    Reti di ricarica partner Europa

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