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Enhance the appeal of a property or business with your own network of charging stations.

Excellent reasons for property owners

A rapidly growing number of electric vehicle owners are dependent on the availability of suitable charging stations close to where they live. As the owner of a property, you can greatly enhance its appeal by offering occupants the use of your own charging stations.

Excellent reasons for entrepreneurs

Large companies are increasingly joined by small and medium-sized businesses looking to offer the use of charging stations on their premises, either because they have electric vehicles in their own fleets or because they would like to offer employees electric vehicle charging during working hours.

Concept MOVE myNet

MOVE Mobility AG – the operator of one of the best public smart networks of charging stations – now offers property owners and facility managers a solution that meets the needs of the growing number of electric vehicle drivers.

You advantages as a MOVE myNet owners:

  • You are free to choose the fee per kW/h of charging stations.
  • You decide which users have access to your private charging network.
  • Billing is half-yearly, based on the energy consumption of the users on your network.
  • You enjoy professional customer service and the benefits of remote system monitoring.
  • All this for an annual fee of just CHF 130.00 per charging point.

Your advantages as a MOVE myNet user:

  • With your MOVE myNet subscription, you also get a MOVE badge (if you subscribe to MOVE comfort) or a MOVE card (for MOVE light) to activate your charging sessions.
  • This enables you to securely charge your vehicle on your private network at rates determined by the network owner*.
  • You also enjoy 24/7 access to the public network at standard MOVE prices.
  • All charging sessions on myNet and the public network are covered by a detailed monthly invoice.

* An additional 2% transaction fee applies for charging recipients with a MOVE comfort subscription when charging on MOVE myNet. An additional 10% transaction fee applies for charging recipients with a MOVE light subscription when charging on MOVE myNet.

Wenn Sie Interesse an einer dieser nutzenstiftenden Ladelösungen von MOVE haben, nehmen Sie direkt mit unseren MOVE Ladenetz Experten Kontakt auf.
Si vous êtes intéressé par l'une de ces solutions de recharge avantageuses de MOVE, veuillez contacter directement nos spécialistes du réseau de charge MOVE
Se è interessato a una di queste vantaggiose soluzioni di ricarica MOVE, non esiti a contattare direttamente i nostri esperti della rete di ricarica MOVE.
If one of the useful charging solutions from MOVE is of interest to you, please contact our MOVE charging network experts directly.
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